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Core Belief Engineering

Physical Symptoms

Are there emotional underpinnings to your physical problems? Just as naturopaths and other healers detoxify the body, Core Belief Engineering has a method to psychologically and emotionally detoxify the mind. The subconscious runs the body; we don't have to tell our hearts to beat for instance. Core Belief Engineering looks at the causes rather than just the symptoms; We view the mind as an interconnected system at different levels and layers.

Here are some of the responses from people at a Wellness Center for Physical Pain. Question: what do you gain from your illness?

  • Don't have to go to work.
  • Slows me down.
  • Get more rest.
  • Receive extra attention.
  • Don't have to achieve.
  • Compassion from others
  • Don't have to address my real fears
  • Excuse for not doing
  • Less responsibility
  • It's familiar
  • An excuse to ask for love and attention
We have often found that emotional pain and or anger when not expressed is often stored in the body. A woman had a boil on her behind for seven years, she had it lacerated, she tried ointments, the boil would not clear. Two days after we did a process on her anger part, the boil disappeared. Isn't the mind brilliant, let's just sit on our anger!

Core Belief Engineering re-builds the system, with your own original Energy, Strength and Love.

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