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Core Belief Engineering

Philosophy of Healing.

Beliefs: You are what you believe...beliefs are the blue print of what we hold to be true about ourselves and the world. Our reality is based on what we believe. Many beliefs are held below the level of consciousness and were installed at an early age when we were trying to make sense/fit in to a world we could not understand rationally. For example, when a toddler hears their parents argue they cannot understand the words or content, they're only aware of how their body feels, comfortable or uncomfortable at an emotional level. Many of the blocks, fears, indecision, behaviors, inner conflicts we hold as adults are a result of old outdated beliefs and concepts. As we grow and evolve we often adopt different values and beliefs. Inner conflict arrives when parts of us are still holding on to the old beliefs. If as a child the only way you could feel safe when your parents argued was to fade into the background, to be quiet, not be seen ... Can you imagine how this belief that kept you safe as a child may manifest itself in your adult life. Symptoms may vary from an inability to speak up for yourself, becoming immobilized when someone confronts or shouts at you, remaining unsuccessful or sabotaging any success you achieve so as not to attract attention.

For example: a woman had begun to achieve success as a lawyer, her life' s dream! However, in her moment to shine in the courtroom, she froze. The internal belief? "If I'm seen I'll be hurt." Another example: a salesman who was unable to ask for the order or referrals. When he was just a little guy he asked his mom to please not hug him in front of his friends. Unfortunately, this child was never hugged by his mother again. This man's benefit for this undesirable behavior in not asking for the order? His deeply held belief that "if I ask for what I want I will be punished and hurt".

Core Belief Engineering pinpoints what beliefs and what part or parts are keeping the person stuck, then heals and releases that part to re-join the conscious mind!

The good news is that all parts of us want to protect, love and benefit us. No matter how much trouble they are causing us. The assumption is that each part also knows its opposite. For example, The part that feels abandoned, untrusting, angry also knows inclusion, trust and peace.

Core Belief Engineering, is an effective process enabling a person to make change in their life. Permanent change. Change in behavior, emotional responses instead of reactions, thinking patterns, undesirable symptoms and generally increases confidence in dealing with any situation you may encounter.

Common feed back from clients is the ability to stay calm in previously triggering situations. Inner peace happens when you re- connect with your true self. Better decisions, knowing what's best for you. Let's face it, it is difficult to make sound decisions from a place of fear or anxiety or anger or when your are troubled.

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